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In this day and age of internet reviews, we at Palace Law have learned the importance of listening to you, our clients, so that we may provide the best service that meets your needs and, importantly, your expectations every day. As a result, Palace Law regularly sends out surveys and questionnaires to our clients to make sure that we are providing the kind of care and service that is expected of our office. We also understand that one of the ways to get to know who we are is to review comments, both good and bad. For these reasons, this site contains unedited reviews from our clients.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Palace Law Stuck With Me

Palace Law stuck with me through a very difficult case, kept me informed of their progress and got me a settlement I never imagined. Thank you!!

Patrick Palace Fought for 4 Years to Win a Favorable Case for Me

Patrick palace fought for 4 years to win a favorable case for me, and got me a 100% favorable disability pension while the state tried anything and everything to screw over the blue collar working man.....he never wavered, or asked me to settle short of what I felt was fair and deserving!!! Not only would I recommend palace law, I've taken every opportunity ever presented to me to speak about the job Patrick does, and the difference having a great lawyer makes.

From the Beginning I Have Been Treated With Respect

I have been a client at Palace Law since January 2017. From the beginning I have been treated with respect and a compassion that tells me what I have gone through matters, and as a client I matter. -William

Our Experience With Jeff and the Staff at Palace Law Was Excellent!

Our experience with Jeff and the staff at Palace Law was excellent! They made my situation that looked bleak and turned it around. took all the pressure off me and my wife and got my claim approved. I can't express my gratitude because I don't think we would have gotten it done without Jeff and everybody at Palace Law. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! -John

All Has Been Great!

All has been great! Everyone has been extremely patient as I have never been in an accident before. Thank you so much for helping guide me through! -Charles

Palace Law Has Been a Life Saver for Me

Palace Law has been a life saver for me. Always helpful and friendly . I do not have to worry about any issues , they take care of it for me. I am so Thankful for all of them . But especially Thankful to my paralegal Kristi, who Always answers my questions, and is always working hard on my behalf. Thank you, Patrick Palace, for your expertise and integrity; and that from your team. I highly recommend this firm.  -Geri

They Make it So Easy!

Carrie was so great! She made my experience so easy that I could forget about being in the middle of a lawsuit. Not only that, but she always acted like she genuinely cared about my well-being and treated me like an individual rather than just another case. She worked relentlessly to get me the most money possible and I ended up with a settlement that was more than double the original offer! If I'm ever in this situation again I will definitely call Carrie!

Grateful We Found You When We Did

Palace Law has been handling my case with L&I for a few years now and I couldn't be happier with them. Kristi Richardson is the paralegal that handles my case (Bridgeport office) and has been amazing to work with from the start. She has always gone above and beyond to guarantee that any progress was in my best interest. Her vast knowledge, advice and honest feedback is something I have come to rely on when dealing with Labor and Industries. Due to the amazing work that Kristi has done for me, Palace Law is my go-to recommendation for people looking for a reliable attorney’s office.

Hiring Palace Law was a Game Changer

It was a good feeling to know that someone with workers’ compensation law knowledge and experience was helping me in my fight for justice against a system that leaves uneducated injured workers at the mercy of employers and their insurance company lawyers and doctors.

Palace Law is a Lifesaver!

After 10 years of being injured and no help, I hired this firm. They immediately got not only my two required surgeries that L and I was responsible for handled, but also helped get my income handled. All the way down to my disability. Palace Law, Jordan Couch and the whole team are life savers. Thank you, Palace Law.


Thank you, Palace Law!

I don't know what would have happened without the great people at Palace Law! They "had my back" when it came to dealing with Labor and Industries and helped make sure that I did not get the raw end of the deal ... THANK YOU

Made the Best Choice

My case is still open and before contacting Palace at Law, it was a mess. Since hiring the company, things have turned around and is going as planned so far. I appreciate all the hard work and dedication this team has shown for me and my case. I'm happy very happy and look forward to working with them more. Best choice in my eyes by far. Thank You, Palace Law!

Definitely Recommend

Was very impressed by my attorney, Carrie. She took care of everything for me, kept me informed. Definitely would use them again and would give them positive feedback and send people their way.

Palace Law Put My Mind at Ease

Palace Law helped me tremendously. Without their services, I would have nothing. They provide me with excellent medical care and assistance with very and all issues concerning my L&I issues. Palace Law helped put my mind at ease. I truly appreciated their professional service and caring.

Peace of Mind

I have peace of mind knowing that I have Palace Law representing me! My Attorney has been very professional and a very good listener. I feel confident they'll make sure I get the medical attention I need to go back to be who I was before my accident. Thank You, Palace Law!

Thank you, Carrie Umland

I am a client of Palace Law with Carrie Umland as my attorney. I’ve appreciated Carrie’s professionalism and knowledge of the law while working on my case. It’s been over three years but my case is finally settled and I have so much to thank Carrie for that I don’t know where to start. Carrie’s understanding and caring ways to me during some difficult times will always have a special place with me. She is truly a special person and an extraordinary lawyer. I will always recommend Palace Law to anyone that may be in need of your services.

Yours truly, Larry

Thanks to the Whole Team

Seeing my employer lose the ability to be comfortable with mistreating me was pretty satisfying. Knowing I had access to medical care, treatment options/vocational options that I would've been denied otherwise was a huge comfort to my family and I. Patrick Palace and his team allowed me to endure less stress than had I tried to go through this alone. When it was all said and done, they made sure I was taken care of. I am grateful for them being able to handle my issues with such grace and care. Thank you to the whole team.
— James

Review of Ms. Umland

Palace Law is very professional. Our lawyer Umland is not only caring and compassionate but extremely efficient and attentive to our situation. I would highly recommend them.
— Taylor

Palace Law Took My Stress Away

Before I contacted you guys, my anxiety was causing me not to eat. I lost 45 pounds in two months from the stress of the unknown. Once you guys took over, my stress went away. I was able to focus on my recovery and get better. Thanks to you guys I live life with only slight pain vs. complete udder pain. Thank you.
— Jason

You Are Very Appreciated

Thank you for all of your help and support these last two years. You are very appreciated.
— Butch and Carol

Proud Supporter

Palace Law was there for me when I needed them, and yes, I am a supporter. I am grateful for the help, the kindness and the understanding that was shown to me. I lost my home, and my cars before I finally found Palace Law, but have recovered and things have been uphill ever since. If it can be done, Palace Law can do it! They rock! I recommend them to anyone I know who has a workers' compensation problem!

— Vicki M.

Things Are Great Now, Thanks to Palace Law!

Palace Law was able to get L&I to pay for my retraining. I went to school for two years, got my AAS and have been working ever since. I have been able to live my life for me..... I'm in two local performing bands, am about ready to buy the house of my dreams and get re-married to the woman I love.

Things are going great!

Palace Law Put My Needs First

When you begin an L&I case it feels very much like you are being punished for being injured. The L&I Department’s job is to get you back to work as soon as possible and sometimes this is not in keeping with your recovery needs. Trying to communicate with the department is frustrating and the rules can be difficult to understand. This frustration created more stress and worry on top the damage that my assault had caused. When Patrick took over it was like a burden being lifted from my shoulders. I could finally let go of the worry about who was looking out for my needs and concentrate on getting better. Not only did Patrick succeed in relieving me of the worry but he also achieved the best possible outcome for me. When it came down to pay he also didn’t even take all that was allowed by the laws but once again put my needs first. Patrick is a great man and a wonderful attorney.

— Wendy

Best Advice I’ve Received

I was referred to Pat and his team by a relative of my wife, also in the legal profession. She knew Pat Palace and her legal advice to call him was the best advice I had received in a very long time.

I was injured on the job in October of 2001, in my case, I had Carpal tunnel in both elbows and both wrists, lower back needed surgery as well. Before I walked into the office, I have to admit I was a wreck, stressed out, dealing with L&I on my own as they were taking their time with my claim and very little explanation from my claims manager. It had been almost a year without any representation and I didn't know that there was a way to get it.

From the first moment that I walked into the office, I felt like they cared about me and my family, I just wanted to focus on healing and returning back to work. I felt like I had been stripped of my livelihood not being able to work. Palace Law made sure that my paycheck was always there which was a huge burden off my mind. They always stayed in contact with me, no surprises, another HUGE stress reliever when dealing with L&I. I remember going to the mailbox hoping to find my check & found another hurdle or hoop, if you will, before I could pay my bills or even put food on the table.

Palace Law made my life livable, I did everything needed to follow through with my part of the process which is very important and key to your success. My family is very important to me as yours is. I referred another family member to Palace Law because I knew he was in great hands as I was. Pat Palace and his team truly care about you, your family, your success. I am writing this to you, the person in need of assistance, as I was in your shoes. I got my life back, I graduated from Clover Park Tech with a 3.97 GPA a result of Palace Law's hard work for me and my family.

You are in the best hands in Washington State.

— John

I Just Wanted to Thank Palace Law for All of Their Hard Work

They were there for me through my whole process of getting a pension. They always helped me get through all of the paperwork, IMEs, and appointments on time. Kristi always told me to call her when I had a problem and she would always answer and provide a solution. I am eternally grateful for all of the people at Palace Law.

 — Gwen

I had been with my employer for almost 9 years when I was injured on the job…

At first, it seemed like it was going to be some rehab time and I would be OK. However, as time went on, my condition wasn’t getting any better. My managers at work started giving me a lot of trouble and my condition was getting worse. I knew I needed some expert professional advice, so I asked a dear friend if they knew of a good job injury attorney. Without hesitation, he referred me to Patrick Palace, saying he was the best in the state for Workers’ Compensation claims. At our initial meeting, I felt completely comfortable with Patrick and I knew I wanted him on my team. As of today, I feel the same way and I consider Patrick to be a “dear friend” as well. Patrick and his team have taken extremely good care of me and my family, and I recommend his services to any and everybody who has been injured on the job. Thank you, Patrick, for being a dear friend and for fighting for those who can’t fight for themselves.

— Paul W A.

Looking for the right attorney is a daunting task…

I know as I too went looking for the right Attorney in 2002. I got the right advice and am so glad I did.

With Palace Law, I only worried about my health condition, they handled all the other stuff and there is a lot of other things to be handled to say the least.

I have recommended Palace Law to everyone I came in contact with as I have had very pleasant results with them. They worked very hard taking care of all the things I knew nothing about and made me feel like I was part of a family. The whole office takes a personal interest in their clients and never made me feel like I was not important. At Palace Law, I was not just a number, I was a real person with real injuries and I got all the attention I needed to feel good about my decision to hire Palace Law. Now, around some seven years later I still feel the same. I concentrated on getting better; they took care of all the other stuff.

I met folks at medical offices waiting rooms that had the same issues as I did and they didn’t know about Palace Law, they hired an attorney with a lot of promises and then seldom returned phone calls, their future was greatly in question. I’m sure glad I didn’t have to worry about the legal end, Palace Law attorneys did all that for me.

I believe everyone can expect exceptional results with Palace Law. It doesn't matter how badly injured you are, they know their stuff and worked wonders for me and my future. Thanks, Palace Law.


I don’t know how I could have managed all this on my own

With Doctors reports needing to be sent in to the caseworker, L and I needing to get payments out on time, etc, and making sure that each thing that is sent to L and I is Legally sound and in my best interest, you certainly do an awful lot of work for me at such little cost.

I appreciate you so much, and everyone at Palace Law for their kindness and genuine concern for my health and recovery. I would recommend you to anyone who has been injured on the job. It is great to just concentrate on getting well instead of stressing over all the legalities that come with a work injury.

So Thank You and Many Blessings are wished to you.

— Norine M.

You guys are great…

If I have a question or a problem you are right on top of it, to get rid of the problem or give me the answers that I need. I really appreciate all you guys do to make my life during this time as easy as possible. Thank you all.

— Jim H. - PI and WC client

Don’t lose hope!

Years of pain and stress. I could not work and had no income. Three previous attorneys gave up on me. I was told my case was too complicated, so I called Patrick Palace. Patrick and his staff turned my whole world around. Patrick and his staff care about their clients. They really know how to ask the right questions. They check up on their clients and always keep them informed. Patrick Palace is without a doubt, the hardest working and smartest Attorney I have ever met. His knowledge and skill settled my difficult cases. Don’t give up and lose hope, turn your case over to Patrick. I did!!

— Ben A S.

My experience with Palace Law was tremendous…

From the beginning of my case to the end I found them to be friendly, timely and looking out for my best needs. With the complexity of my case, a set-up of to do's was planned.

I was awarded an injury pension. Although this was a long process, the results were promised. I have never worked with a staff as professional, considerate, and caring as Patrick and all of his staff. I have recommended his office to several friends and acquaintances for legal help with their injuries.

— John G.

I can’t tell you how much of a blessing the Palace Law has been to me and my family…

I sustained a back injury on the job and filed an L&I claim for compensation which was denied. Just when I was ready to give up hope I was told by a friend to contact Patrick Palace. I contacted Palace Law and spoke directly to Patrick, he was kind and compassionate and for the first time, I felt that it wasn't all about money. Palace Law accepted my case, they provided the best representation possible, my L&I claim was opened and through Patrick's representation, I received the compensation I was due. I very rarely make recommendations but in this case, I highly recommend the services of Palace Law.

— Susan T.

Thank you for all that you do for us…

From receptionists to paralegals, to Patrick himself for the past 6½ years, I have remained confident that I am in the best hands possible.

Thank-you and I hope you enjoy your day today. Walk tall knowing you are a part of a very elite group.

— Roben T.

To the staff at Palace Law…

I have been suffering from back pain now for 7 years. After my claim was closed last time, I began to have further exacerbations of pain, until I could no longer deal with the constant pain. My case was re-opened, and I was afforded modest treatment with chiropractic care, and shots to my spine. After seeing Labor and Industries Independent medical doctors, they claimed I was fine and could return to work, ignoring the evidence from my long-term After a few quick meetings with a vocational counselor, it was decided that I would not benefit from further treatment (though the treatment I had received was minimal at best) and that I could return to work as a parking lot attendant. Being as I have worked in skilled trades for most of my life, this was a slap in the face to my dignity. On that faulty basis, Labor and Industries closed my claim. I was stunned, to say the least. I could hardly walk for more than two hours, cannot sleep more than five to six hours without increased pain throughout the following day, and still cannot pick up more than a milk jug without fear of exacerbating the pain... but I was expected to return to work full time. I had no idea what to do, as I could not afford a lawyer, due to the bills piling up on me, and exhausting my meager savings. My wife has stood by me through all of this, but she also feared that our lives had taken a turn for the worst, and our future was uncertain. I had just about accepted that I would be forced to live a life of constant pain, and be forced to take a meaningless job somewhere...anywhere, just to eke out a living.

That is when my brother called me and said he had heard a commercial on the radio (KISW) where a law firm named Palace Law was offering a free consultation for injured workers. I was skeptical that anything would happen, as I have been worn down by this whole process, and didn't have much faith in anything concerning my future anymore. But as I had nowhere else to turn, I figured I might as well give this a shot. I called Palace Law, and after a few medical questions, they set an appointment. After hearing my story, and reading through the medical evidence, it was decided that they would take on my case. I was asked if I had seen an Orthopedist for my injury, and being a little naive as to exactly what doctors do, I said no I had not, and wondered what they could do for me that the neurologists couldn't. I had no idea that I should have been sent long ago to an Orthopedist, (as most people would who have never had to deal with this type of thing before)... but quickly set up an appointment. Again, I didn't expect much, as I had seen so many Doctors from L&I for "IME's," and had been disappointed each time, as I realized that these people get paid either way the outcome.) I had even proven one of the Doctors had contradicted his own statements, and instead of L&I "86ing" his report, they sent me to another IME, where the results were less than Professional again. If I had known that I had not even needed to submit to another IME, I never would have. It is quite demeaning to go through an ordeal like this, living with intense pain, and being told "You're fine...there's nothing wrong with you." But Palace law helped me through the process, explained what I should expect, and put me on the right path to seeing a qualified Doctor. At each step, they advised me on what my choices were, and how my decisions could affect the outcome.

After seeing the Orthopedist, and the proper tests were done, the evidence showed that I had nerve damage down my leg, in addition to the tears and bulges in my discs, and the area of pain was diagnosed to be radicular. It became quite clear to me that I had no idea how to address these issues on my own, and with the help of Palace Law, and the right Doctors, a proper solution has been agreed upon. L&I had closed the case and re-affirmed the order, but due to the persistence and professionalism of the staff at Palace Law, my appeal was filed, and though the process was lengthy, we were finally granted a reversal. At this time I am awaiting a surgery date, and have new hope, not only for my future but the future of those who count on me to bring home the bacon. This process has been a long and tiring one...but the outcome has given me renewed faith that there are good people fighting for the rights of injured workers. And on contingency at that...which is quite a risk to take. I will definitely recommend Palace Law to any friends or family that may be in need of legal assistance for their work-related injuries. This is a process of patience and determination, and the staff at Palace law did a fine job and has the heartfelt thanks from me and my family. I couldn't have done it without you. I look forward to a good recovery, and will definitely be glad when I can get back to work, and feel like a productive citizen again.

— David W. D.

I am very grateful…

For Kristi Richardson. I had dealt with the Department of Labor and Industries for a long time until it became apparent that I needed help. My stress level and depression just kept getting worse. I then found Palace Law and Kristi Richardson. Kristi is caring, compassionate and easy to talk to. I appreciate her openness and honesty. She has truly made me feel like someone believes in me, is on my side and has lifted a ton of weight from my shoulders. For anybody needing help with their case, I would recommend them calling Palace Law and making an appointment with Kristi Richardson.

— Dar

I just want to write a letter to show my appreciation to the Palace Law Firm…

For their hard work and help with my claim. It has been an uphill battle from day one and without them, I don't know where I would be. I want to personally thank Kristi Richardson and Thaddeus Sykes thank you so much from my family and I. An injury is hard to deal with. It really feels good having someone in your corner with you.

— Bryan A.

You guys are truly miracle workers!

I'm a truck driver providing for my wife and three kids. After falling off my semi, my world was turned upside down and it got worse when my pulled a gun on me not once, but twice, and stopped my income. When I thought all hope was lost and I had failed my family, I was introduced to Patrick. He is really down to earth and willing to stop everything to talk to you. The very first thing he said to me as ‘Don't worry James. I've got your back.’ There are no words to explain how much of a blessing Patrick and his staff have been. Trust me when I say that Patrick and his staff are the best in the area. If you ever need a lawyer, you would only be hurting yourself more if you didn't give Patrick a call first!

— James B.

Thanks for all the hard work and dedication

To my case in getting me my pension that I deserved! It has been a long hard road to my recovery and something I will deal with the rest of my life. I believe that my family and I are fortunate to have Palace Law as our legal representatives and will refer to anyone who needs your services!

— Scott P.

Coming to Palace Law took the entire burden off of my shoulders

Before coming to Palace Law I had 9 different Vocational Counselors work on my case. Finally, after an IME doctor lost my file, I knew it was time to get an attorney. I was referred to Palace Law by a friend, and I am so grateful for that referral! My experience with Palace Law was great. You guys were able to take care of everything. Had I not come to you, The Department would’ve just thrown me to the side. There were months that would go by with no word from The Department, and when I’d finally talk to someone it would be a different Vocational Counselor every time who would know nothing about my case. Coming to Palace Law took the entire burden off of my shoulders. I trusted you guys to handle it, and you did! I thought I was too young for a pension and was shocked when I got one. What a relief!

Thank you, Palace Law.

— Diane T.

My husband worked for the same company for 14 years…

He seldom took any time off, even when he was sick. That day that he fell off the building, he had spent hours explaining to his employer that it was too dangerous, that there had to be another way of doing the job. His employer said to get it done. He fell 18 feet.

At the hospital, it started to become clear how serious his injuries were, all his supervisors were there, assuring me they would take care of us. Knowing this was going to be a long venture, we consulted several lawyers to understand the process. All of them just gave us a list of things that would happen, adding that we didn't need a lawyer. Those listed things did not happen. When my husband's leg didn't heal, and he was unable to do his original job, the same company that said they would always take care of us laid him off, telling us they were helping us because he could get educated to do something else.

That didn't happen either. I met with our state representatives who fought on our behalf, and still, everything was a waste of time. Many, many appointments - doctor appointments, vocational appointments - it seemed like nobody cared that we had no income, and we were still being forced to spend our resources going to appointments. I couldn't believe this was happening to an American, a good man who worked hard all his life. I watched my husband get old very quickly.

Patrick, I would like to extend special thanks…

and appreciation towards Kristi Richardson and the rest of the staff for doing an excellent job for me. My claim has been very complicated and difficult, to say the least. Kristi Richardson's attention to detail and client needs is remarkable. What impresses me the most is the client's interest is more important than the fees collected. Thanks again for a remarkable job and I will be proud to refer future business.

Best regards,

— WC

I was injured in 2006…

That's when things got tough. I actually ended up losing my home waiting for money from L&I. I hired Palace Law and things changed.

Soon I was back on track. Many surgeries and doctors later, I finally settled with L&I after eight years. Don't give up, it takes time.

— Matt B.

I want to commend Palace Law…

...especially Kristi Richardson, for going above and beyond the call of duty in resolving problems with my claim! Definitely the best in the industry! Again Thank you and God Bless all of you at Palace Law!

— William B C.

Palace Law will not give up on you!

Six years ago, this week, I was injured on the job. I would not recover. Twenty-nine years at that job. I never imagined life without a job. Seeking help was hard. But I know now that I was smart to get help fast.

During my first of many surgeries, I heard about Pat Palace, on KISW, in my car. I called. My case was accepted. The first task, was Disability, within about 2 years, I was awarded SSD. Thanks to the diligence of Palace Law.

Next, was my Pension, You CANNOT, work all your life, and then retire, with a disability, and have a quality life, on disability alone. Palace Law took on my pension case. These types of pension for disability are NOT just given to you. It is Labor and Industries job to make sure you DO NOT, get these benefits without a Fight.

Six years, Five Major surgeries, metal plates, countless medical exams. Many of them seem to make NO sense at all. Pat Palace does the job of organizing and helping you make the right decisions that affect you forever.

Also during the last 6 years, My Mother and my sister, both passed away, and are with God. I am telling you this because having the time to spend with them in their dying days meant more to me than anything. Palace Law made it so I could focus on them, and not my finances.

So in summary, I would like to thank Palace Law and single out Kristi Richardson. She was my excellent representative, for at least 3 years of the past 6. If you find yourself in a situation like mine, DO NOT GIVE UP!! Stick with it!! Do ALL that is asked of you, make all appointments. Palace Law will not give up, on YOU!!

Sincerely, Truthfully,

— Alvin D.

I have heard your commercials on KISW about the IME’s etc.…

I am currently injured and in the process right now etc. I was sent to a "so-called" rehabilitation place to receive treatment. It is called RIW (Rehabilitation Institute of Washington) in Seattle Washington. While I was there I watched as the staff documented lie after lie about me and other patients there etc. This place is doing the same thing as the IME's, they are blatantly lying about people's progress on paperwork to assist in injured people being forced back to work etc. Many patients compared this place to prison. I am writing this to make you aware that there are other places set up, not just IME's to do the bidding for the insurance companies and L&I locally, who have no problems lying for money.

— Adrian

We had all but given up…

the day we went to Palace Law. The supporting documents for our case were six inches thick. The lawyer at Palace Law just shook his head over and over at all the things that had been done to us, and he said, "I wish you would have come to us first - I wish we represented you from the beginning. In the end, Palace Law acted on our behalf and we received a settlement that allows us to move on with our lives. Palace Law was a Godsend!


— Mike & Debbie P.

After my automobile accident, Carrie worked hard on my behalf

After a severe automobile accident that left me with permanent physical damage I was given a referral to Carrie Umland. I was concerned that the insurance company would not look out for my long-term needs, nor would they take the time to listen to just how much this injury affects my daily life and my job. Carrie actually met me at my work, saw the physical activity that I do on a daily basis. She spent a significant amount of time asking me about my work duties, hobbies, and home life and how my ability to perform these activities has changed since the accident.

After dealing with insurance companies on my own and feeling overwhelmed at the lack of personal interest in my case it was reassuring to meet someone whom I TRULY felt had my best interest at heart.

Throughout the process, I was kept well-informed every step of the way. At times she would call to check in, check my progress and get updates on my physical status, doctor's appointments etc. Yes, she was hired to represent me, but with each contact, I felt more like I was touching base with a well-trusted friend!

Carrie is extremely professional, very intelligent, well educated, but most of all...very real.

She genuinely cares, and she worked very hard on my behalf to see to it that my best interest was always at the forefront of our conversations.

I especially appreciated that I never felt pushed to action. She explained the laws, how they applied to my injuries and ongoing care. I never felt lost in the system, which so often happens in dealing with insurance companies.

I can't imagine having to negotiate with the insurance companies without her knowledge and assistance!

— Peggy

Thankfully Palace Law was there

“My experience with the department has been nothing less than life-changing Somehow doctors and the department don’t communicate. The first year I must have seen 3 different general practice Doctors and 3 different specialists. The first doctor left after just a couple visits. I think I went 4 months without a check. The next doctor said he sent into the department the medical report and the department kept saying they never got it. I was put on light duty at work, still did and performed the same work as before, there was no one else. Then I got an attorney in Centralia that’s where I met Brian. At least he could tell I was really hurt. Sent me [to a new doctor] got a bunch of tests on my neck, back, shoulders, wrists, and hands. I saw [another doctor] and he told me to get ready, trim my bills and save some money. After multiple MRIs, X-rays and test, found out my necked needed surgery. So after surgery the employer, the job vocational and L &I decided I could go back to work, the doctors said no but somehow that didn’t matter. Then the Attorney decided to quit and go to Montana. Thankfully Brian went to Palace Law and kept helping me. The rest you know. So when I tried to talk to my claims manager at first she would always say that I wasn’t using the right language. When I would say [the doctor] sent in the medical report. She says no he didn’t when I asked [the doctor] if he did he said yes I did. After that when I call her I just got voicemail. Never got a call back. The next claims manager was just plain rude to me. The past 5 years dealing with L&I has taken a huge physical and mental toll on my health. Not to mention money. I really felt like the department was a bully in school and I was a kid being picked on. Like taking a kids lunch money. Thankfully Palace Law was there.

— Joe P.

I am writing to thank Palace Law…

I am writing to thank Palace Law for the wonderful job they have done for me. About a month ago I received a notice from Social Security stating I had an overpayment of $9,000 and instructions on how to resolve the issue within 30 days. When I picked my head up off of the floor, I panicked so badly I couldn't even hold down food. I knew I had not done anything wrong but how was I going to prove that? I was a total mess!

The minute I picked up the phone and called Palace Law--they directed me to Sandra Garrison. Not only did she listen to every single thing I said, she offered to make some calls for me to see if there was anything she could do to help. From then on, it was a sequence of phone calls back and forth---she would ask me for different information and I would get it to her. She was so incredibly professional--but also personable. She kept me abreast of what was going on-even calling me on Fridays because she knew I would worry all weekend-----Who does that!!!!!!

Long story short---she worked diligently and efficiently to fix my problem and I am sleeping and eating again!!!!! I felt she deserved for the Palace Law firm to be made aware of her hard work and personable skills. I am sure you are proud to have her represent your firm and I hope she is still there in 2 more years --- (I am going to go through this mess again when I turn 65)!!!!

— R.T.

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