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At Palace Law, we regularly contribute to legal publications. Here are some of the published articles written by Patrick Palace and staff. We are passionate about the exchange of ideas and constantly strive to further our profession.

Legal Publications near Tacoma, Washington

Clio Cloud 2017: Takeaways from Clio’s 2017 Legal Trends Report

According to Clio’s 2016 Legal Trends Report, “the average lawyer only bills 28% of an eight-hour workday.” So, what has changed since last year and what do lawyers still need to work on? George Psiharis, VP of business operations, and Steven Silberbach, senior vice president of global sales at Clio, get together with Kimberly Sanchez and Patrick Palace in this On the Road report from the 2017 Clio Cloud conference.

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3 Tips For Competing – And Succeeding – In The 21st Century Legal Marketplace

What should a law firm do to meet the needs of 21st-century legal clients? Where should a firm’s efforts be focused? Which steps will be most impactful, while still being cost-effective? These aren’t always easy questions to answer. Fortunately, Nora Riva Bergman and Patrick Palace covered many of these issues and more at this year’s ABA Techshow in March. During their talk, “Resetting Your Law Firm For a Changing Economy and Marketplace,” they discussed steps that lawyers can take to strategically compete in today’s competitive legal landscape.

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An Immigrant's Right to Workers Comp by Jordan Couch

Palace Law's Jordan Couch wrote an article featured on Sound Immigration's website: about the rights for injured workers, even if they are undocumented immigrants.

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You Can Be a Litigator and Still Be a Yogi with Patrick Palace

Think that being a litigator means you have to be a stressed-out, ulcer-ridden, hard-ass shark? Think again. You can certainly follow that stereotype, or you can have success as a litigator while still keeping it Zen.

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How Lawyers Work: Patrick Palace, Plaintiff’s Trial Lawyer and Yogi

The Lawyerist interviewed Patrick Palace about how he manages work and life.

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If You Step Away From Your Legal Tasks to Learn Tech, You'll Stop Wasting Time at Work

Patrick Palace was featured in the ABA Journal from his talk at the ABA Tech Show.

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Patrick Palace was interviewed by Guys with Mics at TBD Law

Patrick Palace talks about work-life balance, doing what you love, and mindfulness.

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Patrick Palace was featured on The Lawyerist podcast!

He discusses how he got started in workers’ compensation and what he's doing to make our clients experience as seamless as possible.

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"On The Road" with Legal Talk Radio and THE Samantha Collier live from Chicago at the sold-out Clio Cloud Conference.

Patrick Palace is featured in Avvo's Lawyernomics Modern JD spotlight.

Patrick Palace is featured on Jeena Cho's Podcast

Jordan Couch's Gonzaga Law Review Article

Click here to read the Gonzaga Law Review by Jordan Counch, recently published online.

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Clio Conference 2015

Hear more from Patrick about LLLT's and the future of the legal profession live from The Clio Conference 2015.

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The Crystal Ball What Does It Hold For You? July 2015

Publication Information NW Lawyer July/Aug 2015

Innovation coupled with exponential growth in technology is fueling the race to provide the best, fastest, and easiest legal services to the masses of consumers who need legal services. What path should we as a profession take to hold a market in the era of free access to the law?

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Does Law Need Investors? May 2015

Publication Information NW Lawyer April/ May 2015

Americans make do without any legal services because they cannot afford a lawyer and lawyers won’t take their cases or can’t afford to offer them legal services. If anything, the market is ripe with (lost) opportunity.

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Choosing Our Future June 2014

Publication Information: NW Lawyer June 2014

There are many reasonable possibilities for not taking a case. But to the person who is denied services and others who see lawyers denying access to those in need, it might look like lawyer self-dealing and a breach of our promise to serve the public. It wouldn't be the first time lawyers were misunderstood.

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Focusing on the Present April/May 2014

Publication NW Lawyer April/May 2014

In 2011, the Seattle Seahawks began their journey to becoming Super Bowl Champions when they hired Dr. Michael Gervais to lead team meditation sessions...

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What If? March 2014

Publication NW Lawyer March 2014

As president of the WSBA, I have a full view of the Bar's size and complexity, and its many moving parts. Most people don't realize that our bar is over 36,000 members strong

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Inventing the Future February 2014

Publication NW Lawyer February 2014

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After passing the Bar exam, a mentor with a stellar reputation gave me this business advice...

It's Time to Change the Conversation January 2014

Publication NW Lawyer December/January 2014

The old economy is not coming back; neither is yesterday. A wise man once advised...

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Game Changers November 2013

Publication NW Lawyer November 2013

Patrick Palace writes about the changing profession of law and what lawyers need to do to be part of that change...

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Getting What We Need to Succeed October 2013

Getting What We Need to Succeed

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