Core Values

Creative, Innovative, Adaptable:

It is our culture to be curious and to find better ways to do everything.  We strive to lead the way, invent the future and adapt to our ever-changing legal environment.  We don’t fear change, we believe we need it to thrive and succeed every day.


We believe that trust comes from transparency, setting clear expectations, speaking our truth and honestly listening to others. We trust in each other and aspire to earn the trust of all those we work with and work for. We believe that being trustworthy means that we walk the walk and deliver what we promise.

Do the Right Thing:

We strive to make the choices that stand up under scrutiny; choices that may not always be popular but are the right ones to make.  We navigate justice together with our compass pointed towards greater good, with others before self, and truth before enrichment. 

Team Player:

We choose to row together, never alone.  We strive to be partners, supporters, and collaborators. We are many hands working together to build a better work place, a safer community, and a more just society. 

Relentless, Persistent, Self-Motivated:

Our strength is in the power of our shared beliefs; beliefs that cannot be shaken, bullied or ignored. We strive to embody tenacity with action, passion with inspiration and drive with success.  

Do What We Love:

Our work life is our life work.  Together with love, compassion and joy, we do the work that is our legacy. 

Unique, Diverse, Authentic, Real People:

We could not “represent” anyone, until we could represent everybody.  Diversity is not a goal, it is a requirement at Palace Law.  We are your peers, neighbors, and friends.  We strive to respect and reflect the best values of the unique, gritty multicultural community where we proudly work and live.

live well

Live Well:

Because we cannot give our all unless we have our all to give, we strive to live fully, beautifully, happily, heart and soul, body and mind, day and night. Our life and our work are not competing interests to be balanced but rather equal parts of who we are.

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