Living the Palace Law Core Value: Relentless, Persistent, Self-Motivated

In and out of the office, the Palace Law team never gives up. Those who have been injured face an uphill battle to get the benefits they deserve and the people they depend on need to have the drive and the stamina to win that fight. At Palace Law, every member of our team believes that it is our duty to push hard and never let up so that you know you are getting the best possible outcome. Every month, we nominate someone on our team who embodies the core value of the month. Kristi Richardson was nominated the most for the Palace Law Core Value: Relentless, Persistent, Self-Motivated. Here’s why.

This is what Kristi’s peers are saying about her:

“Kristi never stops fighting. I’ve met so many of her clients who are deeply loyal to her and love to talk about how hard she fought for them. She has no fear of taking tough cases. Recently she took an appeal to me that was a tough case to win. I told her to go for it but be sure to set limits with the client on what’s possible. After the first mediation, she came back to me to tell me she had found a unique approach and LNI was considering reopening the case and paying all back-time loss.”

“Kristi knows her clients’ cases inside and out. She can tell you at any time what stage a client is at. She is relentless when dealing with vocational counselors and/claims managers, always looking for the best outcome for the client. Going with the definition of our core value – “cannot be shaken, bullied or ignored”, I would like a front seat to watch if someone tried to bully Kristi – couldn’t happen.”

This is what Kristi’s clients are saying about her:

“All I can say is without Palace Law and paralegal Kristi Richardson I would have been a number only to L&I. They have, and still are fighting for me. I was injured at work and then had a stroke in 2009. I was told I must return to work against my Dr’s advice. Now I have more injuries than I started with on the first L&I claim. Without the team at palace law, I would have been given Motrin and told I am good.”

“I’ve had great representation, I couldn’t have gotten anything from L&I without Kristi Richardson and Palace Law’s help.”

“When I first had my claim, I had a lawyer who did nothing. After I came to Palace Law and Kristi Richardson took over my case, everything good started happening. Thank you!”

“You guys have hung in there with me for my very lengthy case, nearly 6 years of battling with L&I. You have amazing dedicated people, and I am glad to have been able to work with you and particularly, Kristi Richardson.”

Now, get to know Kristi a little better:

1. What do you love about your job?

I love that I get to help people. I have people come to me who are in a tough place in life, and I get the opportunity to get put them in a better place where they feel that they are not alone in the LNI system. I love that I can go home at night and put my head on my pillow knowing I am making a difference in people’s lives.

2. How do you leverage technology to benefit clients?

The technology that we are given here at Palace Law is amazing. It allows me to communicate with my clients during the day, nights, and weekends. I recently went on vacation to New York and was able to talk with my clients and respond to my emails, as well as keep up on all of the mail I was receiving at the office. I’m also a great fan of technology as it allows me to remotely log in to work from home and feel like I’m sitting at my desk in my office.

3. Is winning important?

Winning is important, but only if it is done fairly. There is no better feeling in the world than going home at the end of the day after winning a really tough case.

We are privileged to work with the best team in the business, and it’s because our team is comprised of fighters like Kristi.

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