Administrative Professionals

Cianna Powell

Ciana Powell

Ciana Powell is Palace Law’s project manager. Her sole purpose is to discover, develop and implement new technologies with the goal of guaranteeing exceptional customer service. She is tasked with the ever-changing role of finding new and more effective ways to serve our clients, then overseeing those projects and implementing. She has a thirst for knowledge and is constantly looking for ways that our office can work smarter.

Ciana started at Palace Law as the Assistant office manager. Her background in management, policies and procedures quickly elevated her to other projects. Since becoming project manager, she has overseen the transition to a paperless office, implemented a new software management system and created a seamless new client onboard process. She has successfully executed multiple automation projects, electronic file reviews and redesigned our interoffice communication.

Ciana was born in Juneau, Alaska, but grew up in Tacoma, Washington. She is a shareholder of two federally recognized tribes, Sealeska, Tlingit & Haida. She earned scholarships at Chapman University where she obtained her bachelor’s degree with honors in psychology. Ciana and her daughter love to take day trips all over the Pacific Northwest where they can spend their time hiking, fishing and clam digging; but in the summer, all of her free time is spent in her garden.

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