About Tanya Mitchell

When individuals come to us they are facing one of the hardest experiences of their life. They offer us their stress, their pain, and their vulnerability so we owe it to everyone we speak with to present our unique, diverse, authentic, and real selves in return. You need an attorney that you feel comfortable with, and we believe that when you see us for who we are you’ll find the comfort and strength you need to fight for your rights.

We could not “represent” anyone until we could represent everybody. The team has voted and Tanya Mitchell was nominated for embodying Palace Law Core Value #7: Unique, Diverse, Authentic, Real People. Tanya never hides who she is. She’s a badass with strong feelings and she’s never afraid to speak her mind. She exemplifies why the value is important to the office. We strive to respect and reflect the best values of the unique, gritty multicultural community where we proudly work & live, and we honor Tanya for being unapologetically REAL.

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