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Common Questions

Palace LawWe have created videos that answer many of the questions that we are asked every day by telephone or in person. If you do not see a video on the topic you are looking for then look in the written FAQs below.

At Palace Law, we pride ourselves on being a resource for the community for injured men and women who need information and need it quickly. If you have questions that aren’t answered below, please contact us with your question by email or by telephone.

FAQ’s by video

Why are bad IME’s still happening

Have you been to a bad IME? We want to hear from you

Palace Law Personal Injury Group: Have you been injured? Let us help you

Open All Night

Pain in the Grass 2016

Another Year, Another Pain in the Grass

You Don't Have to Live Next Door to Palace Law

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Tony & Patrick Talk about IME's

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Caught up in the Workers' Compensation System?

Tony & Carrie Talk about what to do after a Collision

Asking the Right People for Advice

The rules keep getting harder for the working man

Should an IME doctor's opinion carry more weight than your attending physician?